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Top 10 Reasons to Work with a Franchise Consultant

Finding your franchise fit is important if you want to purchase a franchise. Your budget, goals, resources, and skill set are unique. When you find a franchise that fits them, your odds of success increase exponentially. You can certainly go through this process of choosing the right franchise on your own. But having the expertise and guidance of a franchise consultant is a better way to do it. Our team at FranGuidance partner with candidates (that’s you!) to educate you, share valuable insider information to guide you in the right direction with no cost or risk to you. Here are 10 specific reasons to work with our team.

1. We Speak from Experience

As the successful owner of a health and fitness franchise I will share have firsthand experience making the transition to franchise-based entrepreneurship. I also share my experience with the launch, hiring and managing a team to effectively run the business as a semi-absentee owner. In other words, you get to learn from our experiences to more effectively launch your own successful business!

2. Our Experience Is Diverse

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family where my dream of owning my own business was founded. However, I did not have any direct small business experience before buying and launching my own franchise business. My corporate career in advertising and marketing certainly helped since it also provided me with many skills important to business ownership such as managing employees, planning and budgeting as well as organization skills. So whether you have experience with small business ownership or not, or you come from a corporate, military, or public-service background, the franchise system can allow you to be successful without any prior experience.

3. We Start with You

Our process starts with the most important piece of the puzzle: you. The first step in choosing the right franchise is knowing why you want to be a franchisee in the first place. So we help you conduct a thorough self-assessment designed to uncover your most important goals, strengths, and weaknesses. We also help you understand how your existing resources and work experience affect your franchise options.

4. We Narrow the Field for You

The franchise industry consists of hundreds of categories and many thousands of brands. How do you know which ones are the best fit to you? Which franchise has the best training, support, or proven track record? You don’t – unless you work with a franchise consultant to help uncover all of this information for you to evaluate. At FranGuidance, we pre-vet franchisors so that you can focus on a trustworthy list of companies that will truly help you achieve your dreams.

5. We Demystify the Process

Choosing a franchise can be a complicated and intimidating process. Our team demystifies it by walking with you every step of the way in a proven process. In addition to the structured steps we follow to help you navigate the franchise world, we’re on call for personalized support. We’ll answer your questions, serve as a sounding board for your thoughts and concerns, and provide unique-to-you advice as you conduct your long-term career and financial plans particularly as it relates to franchise ownership. Think of us as your human compass or expert guide, helping you reach your desired destination.

6. We Coach You to get Approved

Many franchise candidates don’t realize that the purchasing process is a two-way street. You can’t just pick your franchise, call up the franchisor, and make the purchase. Franchisors vet you just as much as you vet them! As a franchise owner who’ve been through that vetting process ourselves. As a franchise consultant we know what franchisors want in a candidate. We’ll coach you ahead of interviews and in-person visits, and we’ll help you make sure your paperwork and funding are in order so that nothing gets in the way of making a good impression and getting approved so YOU can ultimately have the power to make the decision to invest or not.

7. We Give You an Advantage over Other Candidates

Franchise companies regularly get more applicants than they have openings, so they turn people away all the time. And they prefer to award their open spots to candidates who work with a franchise consultant. They feel this way because they know that we weed out those who aren’t serious or qualified and that we match people only with the franchises that fit their criteria. In addition, the FranGuidance team is part of the FranChoice network, a long-established, well-respected group of consultants with priority access to the best franchisors. So working with us gives you a leg up on the competition. In fact, we at FranGuidance have strong relationships with many of the franchise executives and can make personal recommendations on your behalf.

8. We Stick Around for the Long Haul

At FranGuidance, building relationships is one of our core values. Everyone on our team has the heart of a servant leader and mentor. We don’t stop taking your calls or answering your emails once you sign your franchise agreement or even once you open the doors of your business. Whether you just want to share your success, or you need advice or encouragement as you solve an unexpected problem, we want to hear from you as you build your business!

9. We Tell You the Truth

We recognize that franchising isn’t for everyone, and we don’t want to damage our relationships with franchisors by referring candidates who aren’t a good fit. So we help every candidate do an honest self-assessment and will tell you if we don’t think you’re ready to take the plunge. We’ll also give you honest feedback on whether a franchise you’re interested in is a good match for your skills, goals, and resources. in the end our goal is to find the best match for all parties involved. If you’re curious about franchising, but you’re not completely sure it’s right for you, book a call with us anyway. We’ll help you figure it out and won’t string you along.

10. Our Services Are Free

You’ll never pay for our services. Instead, we get paid by the franchisor to provide free education and guidance. But more importantly, they are interested in having only well qualified candidates introduced to them. Franchisors, in turn, invest significant up-front with our team so we can continue to send them candidates who are going to be successful over the long term. This arrangement incentivizes us to educate you and match you only with franchisors who are the best fit for your goals, resources, and skills.

Now that you know why you should work with a franchise consultant, are you ready to take the first step toward your future? Book a call with one of us today, and in just 15 minutes, we’ll help you start charting your course to financial freedom and freedom of time!