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I get this question all of the time. What is the best franchise? My answer is always the same “it’s the one that is right for you and your goals.” I’m here to work with you to get to know and understand your motivations, interests, goals and skills to identify the perfectly matched franchise to achieve their dreams.


As a certified member and owner of the FranChoice network, you’ll have more than 20 years of franchise expertise, knowledge, and resources to help you find the “Best Franchises.” FranChoice has carefully pre-screened hundreds of franchise companies – some very large and established and others are exciting, newer concepts – but we represent only those franchises that meet our strict standards. We’ve forged relationships with many of the top franchise companies including:

We represent successful franchises in nearly every business category.



We give you the inside track to the top franchises. Our extensive Discovery process will allow you to get behind-the-scenes of the franchise brand and learn firsthand the key characteristics of the most successful franchises:


  •    A rock-solid business model with phenomenal margins and economics
  •    Outstanding support for their owners
  •    An experienced and dedicated leadership team
  •    Cutting-edge tools for franchisees to run their businesses more effectively
  •    An amazing culture
  •    Franchisees that are happy and profitable

Franchise Categories To Consider

There are thousands of franchise options across nearly every category. Here are just a few categories to consider.

Low-Cost Franchises

With low investment, low overhead, few employees (if any) as well as the ability to be run them from home or a small office/warehouse space, these franchises offer tremendous flexibility and less risk.

Semi-Absentee Franchises

Semi-absentee franchises are manager-run business models that enable the owners to keep a job, run other businesses or ideal for someone that is semi-retired.

Cleaning Franchise Businesses

These franchises offer a recurring revenue stream delivering essential services. With a low cost of entry and low overhead, they can be scaled quickly and run at an executive level.

Brand Name Franchises

Many franchises have well established brand recognition with strong reputations. These businesses can offer faster ramp up and growth since they are a known business or service that people are looking for.

Legacy Franchise Business

Launching and running a business with your adult children is very rewarding for the entire family. If the children are too young to work in the business, one of the biggest benefits of owning a franchise is that they can be transferred to your children in the future. Leaving a legacy for the future is an incredible goal for many families.

Pet Franchise Businesses

The pet industry is booming. People care for their pets as family members and often spend more on them than on themselves or their children. There are many franchises available in the pet industry from boarding to training and grooming.

High Margin Franchise Businesses

Profit margins vary widely between different franchise models. There are many franchise categories such as home improvement that offer large average tickets with high profit margins. With these businesses, it doesn’t take many customers to generate significant revenue.

Multi-Unit Franchise Businesses

Franchise businesses is designed to scale easily. Multi-unit or area development concepts are for those who want to open multiple locations to “own” the market. This allows one to establish a dominant presence in their market to exponentially grow revenue.

B2B Franchise Businesses

Many franchise businesses service other businesses as clients. This is called business-to-business services or B2B. Often B2B franchises offer specialty recurring services to businesses such as IT support, window cleaning, parking lot maintenance among many others.

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After we speak, we’ll be able to figure out if we show work together.

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