Is Franchising The Ultimate Side Hustle?

“Side Hustle” is a term I started hearing several years ago in conversations with Millennials and Gen Z. They were exploring franchising as a potential side hustle to gain more personal freedom and supplement their income from their full-time jobs.

In the early days of the COVID-19 crisis and now in my daily conversations, the idea of a side hustle has worked its way up the demographic ladder into the heads of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. More people than ever see the value of working hard upfront to create more passive income streams in the future.

Corporate executives, in particular, have more time in today’s work environment for a side hustle because of reduced corporate air travel and the elimination of their daily commute…along with the fact that most virtual meetings require less time than most in-person meetings when executives were required to be in the office. This is converging with the cutting-edge technology platforms and infrastructure of modern franchise systems to make it easier than ever to run a business semi-absentee or as an executive-owner.

During our national conference last April. I spoke with some franchisors who will even completely run the business on the franchisee’s behalf. These franchisors take operational responsibility for the company, turning the opportunity into a structured investment alternative. The investment level required can be small or significant, depending on the model, but this certainly looks like it could be the start of a trend in franchising. It has the potential to be…. the ultimate side hustle.

Would you like to explore the time requirements and investment levels of an owner/operator, manage-the-manager, or investor-level franchise opportunity?

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey wisely. Ask questions, seek professional advice, and take your time in selecting the franchise that aligns with your vision and goals. Feel free to connect with me to explore your options. Let’s work together to make your franchise dreams come true! Book some time with me to get started on your journey to success! 💬 Your choice will play a pivotal role in your success. 🚀 I would enjoy having that conversation with you.

Irving Chung

Founder / CEO