What mark are you leaving on this world?

Career planning

Life becomes easier when we know what we are doing and why we are doing it.

“Life has a funny way of making room for those who know where they are going.”

– Jim Rowan

When you know where you are going, your values, and your purpose, every decision becomes easier. Ask yourself what mark are you leaving on this world.

Have you been a bystander of layoffs, or is the uncertainty of your future looming?

Large companies have grown too fast, paying high salaries with great benefits, only to tell their people that their services are no longer needed. Here we are again, back on Indeed, applying for jobs while convincing yourself that this next company will be different.

What are we doing? Why do we continue to jump from company to company without a real sense of purpose?

This is why I chose to franchise – this exact reason. I couldn’t live with another person or entity making decisions about how my life would play out.

People want to own their own businesses with a solid system in place, with a support system of others who have done it. They want to treat their employees differently and run a company on their own terms. These are the reasons people choose franchising: the freedom to make decisions and the feeling of PURPOSE.

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